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This past week, the FTC sanctioned HerbalLife and fined them $200 million. We know that the FTC closed Veema last year. Today I want to clearly articulate why LegalShield is the perfect model for network marketing; why we are the perfect home for those involved in the wrong type of direct selling business and why we believe that this model will help use grow by 10x.

To begin, we have two products that add tremendous value to human life -- LegalShield and IDShield. We can promote and protect those products by a number of different means.

We choose the path that adds an additional value to life -- network marketing. The added value is equality of opportunity. This is our choice. All those who are in LegalShield have made this choice. The alternatives to network marketing exist -- hire sales people, selling directly to consumers -- but they both lack the ability to provide a business opportunity where too few business opportunities exist.

I don't know much, but I do know that the success of a network marketing business is predicated upon recruiting new people into the network at an accelerating pace. This is called momentum, and without it, the network decays and ossifies and dies. You see, every associate is a member, and every associate can share the membership with 7-12 people, and others protect 25 or 50 families each month, and some build organizations that can protect hundreds of thousands of people. That exponential growth is required for us to reach #Vision2020. Can we get there without network marketing? Perhaps, but for reasons I articulated above, the other channels -- employee benefits and digital sales -- do not materially benefit from network marketing as a model. They can grow without it.

So let me be extremely clear. We recruit with confidence because we are NOT a pyramid. We recruit with confidence because we crusade for two causes -- justice and equality. And when we recruit, we do so with a simple and powerful approach to success -- TOOLS & EVENTS. We have created digital tools for the 21st Century, we have tried and true physical tools that work, and we are fully capable of running in-home and public events.

When each person joins our family, they are the messenger. They must live the 10 Core Commitments to improve their chances for success. They rely upon TOOLS & EVENTS. As they use the membership, attend meetings, learn from videos, and take training, they naturally begin to create their own TRUTH. They become part of our message. They have stories to share about the membership. They have a testimonial concerning their success. They begin to naturally evolve from Messenger to Message. They may host PBRs and PCCs and support 3 Way Calls, and may even practice and present from stage. As John and Darcy Hoffman say, “use and share, and coach others to use and share.”

And you know what, as the late Dave Savula taught us in Dallas earlier this year, "You can make good money part-time, but you can also make a career change with LegalShield." And this is precisely the movement from Messenger to Message. Some people decide to become full-time professionals in network marketing. They recruit and protect. But others decide to become full-time SALES Professionals -- focusing upon the protection vis-a-vis individual and group presentations. It is a beautiful and powerful model.

Everyone can join the crusade and be a Messenger, and can live the 10 Core Commitments and make a positive impact. Fewer will decide to evolve into the Message -- the LegalShield story told the same way over and over but never the same way twice. These professionals will share their stories of membership. These professionals will present their testimonials to transfer belief in our services and opportunity. Some of these professionals focus upon building a team. Others focus upon building sales. The best of all do both.

We are on the precipice of an historic moment. We must have alignment and execution.

Network Marketing recruits and protects simultaneously. It relies upon Tools & Events. Some evolve to become the Message for Team Building and Protecting Families. Others evolve into Professional Sales for employee benefits. This is the model, and I am awed by its purity and power.

I need everyone's total commitment to this model. Everyone on this call received a gift when someone changed your life by recruiting you into Pre-Paid/LegalShield, and I am asking you to share that gift with others.

My name is Jeff Bell, and I am just getting started.
We are LegalShield, and the best is yet to come!


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