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Ray Ozzie inpsires me!

I am in no way, shape or form a visionary like Ray Ozzie, but he has made me think about Software and Information Technology and what I see as the immediate challenges facing the space. 1. IPv6 or 128 bit code. I am running 64 bit for the first time on Windows 7, and I have had no problems, but 128 is up and I have not seen much progress. Interestingly I have heard many Venture Capitalists say that software is not being developed to fully utilize the capability of 64 bit (nor dual processors). This is a very big challenge as a potential gap could develop between hardware and software. 2. The portable device and the "cloud." The True Cloud is NOT a web server farm. The True Cloud is the linkage of open hard drive space on all web-connected devices. This Peer-to-Peer sharing of data and information -- with the necessary security features -- is a key to our affordable progress (energy and equipment). The problem is whether portable devices (laptops, notepads, phones) wi