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My proposed solution to student debt in the United States of America

Student debt deserves our society’s attention.  It deserves a solution that releases the burden for our young citizens while strengthening our nation's cultural foundation and o ur social fabric. I have often wondered how to best address the 21st century requirement for leadership.  How do we best develop citizens for this and the next century? I turn my mind to President Kennedy, and the establishment of first, the Peace Corps, and then, VISTA which embraced Americorps in 1993. Could the issue of student debt be reframed from “transfer the debt of students to punish the wealthy and successful” to “relieve debt through service to country and world?” What if we could make the following offer to every citizen: "By pledging no less than 3 and no more than 5 years of service to the  U.S. Military, Americorps and Peace Corps,  all of your education debt is relieved." Furthermore, this offer should be extended to every present student and future c

We Are LegalShield UK Launch Video on YouTube

We Are LegalShield UK