#5MinutesStrong #TakeThePledge

I am asking every LegalShield Associate to set 3 Goals with me:
1. I will be at Level Up! And my team will be 2 or 3x larger than today when I attend the Level Up! Convention March 7-11, 2017.
2. I will earn the trip to the Atlantis by 12/31, and I will help 10 or more team members earn it with me. I will focus upon recruiting and Fast Start Qualifying 4 associates to earn the trip.
3. I will recruit and FSQ 4 new team members and bring them to Leaders@AllLevels in New Orleans September 9, 2016. I will start today and going on a recruiting frenzy for 2 weeks to get a new associate FSQ and count them as TWO!
I am asking every Associate to plead to Get Connected:
1. I will use tools and events to accelerate our crusade and build my business
2. I will show people the LegalShield App, and recruit them with Prospect by LegalShield
3. I will share Success From Home with Get Paid Daily and recruit them with Prospect by LegalShield
We will never quit; never waiver; never falter in our crusade for justice and equality.
Take the pledge with me – My name is Jeff Bell, and I am just getting started. We are LegalShield, and the best is yet to come!


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