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The 7 essentials to fast growth

1. Create and sustain breakthrough value proposition 2. Exploit a high-growth market 3. Focus relentlessly on cash flow 4. Leverage big brother alliances 5. Pack you board with industry experts 6. Use blue-chip customers to gain credibility 7. Build an inside-outside leadership team

Markeitng Optimization

Prerequisites for Best in Class 1. Commitment to invest in marketing/advertising 2. Centralized marketing spend, with clear governance (common language) Best in Class 1. Marketing mix modeling, optimization, ad testing, and brand equity tracking 2. Integrated attigudinal and behavioral data, market mix modeling 3. Marketing ROI, marketing drives revenue

How to Negotiate Anything!

1. Don't look at a deal as either/or proposition 2. Know what you can part with -- then part with it hard 3. Figure out the other side's teimtable. Then use it 4. Show people that you understand their position 5. Stifle your emotions 6. Don't believe everything, but don't call anyone a liar 7. Devise a backup plan that you could live with