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Has Atlas Shrugged? Why a Surveillance State is a really bad idea.

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges: medical, scientific, political, economic, social and moral.   The medical or healthcare industry feared that hospitals would be overrun, that the lack of masks, gloves and ventilators were in such short supply that people would die who otherwise would have survived the virus.   Science does not have answers to origin nor cure.   Politicians have taken the unprecedented approach of “pausing” economic and social life as the only response to address the fears articulated by the medical and scientific communities. This is a complicated issue with many times conflicting and contradicting information from governments and the media.   The use of fear has been a powerful motivator.   CNN keeps a “leader board” of cases and deaths running 24/7. Every news organization publishes headlines meant to promote hysteria (and viewership for their business model). Every citizen was told to “save grandparents” and “protect the