#5MinutesStrong #Achieve

A = Accept that failure is part of the process of success. Never quit. Believe in the system. Stay connected. Tools & Events. Recruit and Build!
C = Courage is telling what you believe is true no matter how unpopular. Inequality exists. Injustice exists. We DON'T accept the status quo and we want to break the chains of inequality and injustice LINK by LINK!
H = Hope springs eternal. Hope is a "spirit set" which is like a mindset for the soul. There's only one thing you can control in life, and that's your attitude.
I = Insatiable desire to improve. Insatiable means good enough is not good enough. Who else can we protect and empower today?
E = Exampleship. Lead by example! If you want people to work harder, work harder! If you want people to work smarter, work smarter! Serve people, but notice I did not say "carry people." Light a fire within them.
V = Value respect by being respectful. If you want to be respected, then be respectful. It starts with self-respect, which is the foundation of loving yourself. You cannot respect and love others unless you respect and love yourself.
E = Earn trust by being trustworthy. If you want to be trusted, then be trustworthy. Be there when people need you most. That is the trust test of being brave and loyal.


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