#5MinutesStrong #JoinTheMovement

First, there is no better time to join our business, and our crusade. We have grown for six consecutive quarters, but what matters is the acceleration -- 3%, 11%, 28%, 27%, 24% and now for the just ended 2nd quarter 33%!

Second, EVERYONE, and especially NEW ASSOCIATES, and those we recruit in the next 10 days, MUST COME TO CONVENTION. There are 3 key reasons why:

1) You learn from the best;
2) You meet and network with successful people; and
3) You build your 4 key Beliefs.

What are the 4 key Beliefs?

1) You build your belief in LegalShield. You will learn about our plans to support you, train you and grow our business together. You will see what technologies we are launching to knock down barriers and create accelerators. You will learn about our plans for the next 90, 180, 365 days and beyond to create successful business people and bring equal access to equal justice for all!

2) You will build your belief in our Industry. There are far too many companies in network marketing who violate our core values (and according to the FTC, the law). We have NOTHING in common with those who give our profession a "bad name." We proudly champion direct selling and network marketing THE RIGHT WAY! We will teach and train the 10 Core Commitments, and how to use this powerful model to gain financial success.

3) You will build your belief in our Products and Services. You will hear from members, from our Provider Law firms, from our partners at Kroll who drive IDShield, and from other associates. This is a product whose time has come! This is too good to be true, but it is too good and it is true! Hear true stories and believe!

4) You will build your belief in yourself. This is the most important belief of all. You will see people just like you being celebrated and recognized and rewarded on stage. You will begin to hear that voice inside yourself, "Yes I can!"

Build your dreams! Build you team! See you soon in #Oklahome.


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