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October 18 is Dave Savula’s birthday. Dave is a legend in our business and industry. He built a business larger than anyone else. If you want to build one even bigger, then let me share what Dave taught me.
Today, I would like to remember him the day before his birthday by celebrating one of, and perhaps his greatest virtue – a commitment to ACTION. Dave Savula lived a life of action. He took the theories of business, of sales, of marketing, and networking, and he put them into practice, and became LegalShield’s #1 business builder and income earner. Dave showed us all that action transforms abstract concepts into concrete reality.
Dave showed us all that action transforms abstract concepts into concrete reality.
Dave understood that theories do no good unless they can reliably guide action – in our thinking and our physical activities.
You can never know if a theory is practical until you put it into action.
When you take a step forward you can truly understand a theory. You can feel what was being talked about. This is true for exposing people to LegalShield, IDShield and our powerful business opportunity.
And by DOING, you learn whether or not it works for you. In other words, you will understand the only thing that matters is action. Intention and desire and belief are not enough. ACTION is the only thing that brings results.
Inaction Is Expensive! If we try and fail, we see the cost. We feel the pain when it doesn’t work. The embarrassment is acute. This makes inaction tempting.
I remember when Dave told me that people don’t consider refusing to choose as a choice. He said we think we’re safe if we don’t expose ourselves to failure. We don’t appreciate the consequences of inaction because they are slow, chronic, and less obvious. That’s what makes them dangerous.
You don’t get to escape pain. The pain that comes with action is acute, scars you, and makes you grow.
Dave knew that the pain that comes from inaction is low-grade, softens you, and decays your soul. Don’t wait to act! That stagnation, low-grade frustration, and perpetual exhaustion comes from your refusal to act. The reason you don’t feel alive is because you’ve worn yourself out thinking about things instead of actually doing them. You haven’t moved because your habit is to flinch away from action. You unconsciously refuse to see the error in your old beliefs, your old fears, and your old habits.
Action means pushing into a new way of living that you have not imagined before. It means pushing through what you’re scared of into what you couldn’t even think to be scared of. It means pushing through all that, seeing that it wasn’t as bad as you thought, then doing it again and again. You must commit to action, and understand that it doesn’t end once you get somewhere. It means you never stop pushing. Dave Savula not only knew this, HE LIVED IT EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY! He challenged us to get on the playing field and fight!
What Is Up to Us and What Isn’t Up to Us. As one of Dave Savula’s great friends and business partners, Nick Serba, constantly reminds us to focus upon what we can control and not waste time on what we cannot control. Too much time and thought are focused on things that we cannot control – the weather, the economy, what someone else is or is not doing – and it leads to paralysis and inaction. All we truly know is how we choose to act in every situation – with integrity, with confidence, with passion, and with empathy towards our fellow man. We can and must train ourselves to be prepared, but truly the best training is in the doing. Dave Savula was a master, but each person he met each and every day was training him to be better and more effective in protecting and empowering people.
“I would like to show you something. You may or may not be interested. It will take about one minute.” Do it like Dave. That is my request of you. Do it like Dave out of love for him and yourself. Do it like Dave out of respect for him and yourself. Approach every person you meet and ask their permission to show them something exciting and new – our LegalShield mobile app. You can do that in less than one minute. Use your Prospect by LegalShield to capture their information and send them a video. Follow-up with them and get them to a PBR, PCC or Briefing. Don’t just Do it for Dave. Do it for yourself. Do it because it is right. Please believe me, action leads to your success and happiness.
My name is Jeff Bell, and I will Do it like Dave!
We are LegalShield, and the best is yet to come.


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