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You think you had a tough year!

President Obama's first year: Promise to close Gitmo in a year, but don’t People accuse you of not being born in the USA You give Gordon Brown a box of DVDs in NTSC format Pass $787 billion stimulus bill and promise unemployment below 10% Authorize the use of deadly force against Somali Pirates Air Force One buzzes Manhattan Administration creates hysteria over Swine Flu Arizona State won’t give you an Honorary degree at Commencement speech Administration takes over ownership of General Motors Cash for Clunkers benefits Toyota most of all You have a beer with Sgt. Crowley after calling him “stupidly” Joe Wilson shouts “You Lie” The “Tea Bag” movement begins and involves 2 million people You promise Olympics in Chicago and fail You threaten Fox News and back down You win the Nobel Peace Prize and no one (including you) thinks you deserve it Wall Street wins and Main Street loses You lose Virginia and New Jersey governor’s mansions You decide to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC and

People don't like Obama because he's just like Bush!

1. The majority of Americans (hereafter "we") wanted to exit Iraq because it was not clear what we were doing. It is still not clear and there is no certainty of exit. 2. We wanted to get out of Afghanistan, but we now have another Bush/McCain “surge" of 30,000 troops. Even Jon Stewart believes there is little difference between the two on National Security. 3. We did not trust President Bush because he had a very small inner circle of advisors. See Barack Obama is even worse. Now there are calls for the ouster of Axelrod, Gibbs, Jarrett and Emanuel. 4. Related to #3, we all felt that Bush was a huge disappointment in NOT being bi-partisan. But Obama is even more partisan than Bush! When was the last time President Obama criticized Congress? Not the Republican Congress, but Congress in general? When was the last time he said he support