Trends that I see for 2008 and 2009

Personal Technology
  • Mobile video
  • Interactive television
  • iPhone/Google Phone Applications
  • GPS real-time, and location based services
  • Tiny and cheap laptops
  • High tech tooth brushes
  • Virtual currency

Entertainment (Television and Movies)

  • Hottest shows are on cable, and have surrealistic themes (Vampire, Serial Killer, Drug Dealing Mom...CSI and SVU)
  • Hottest movies also dealing with far-out content (Dark Knight, No Country for Old Men)
  • Nostalgia comes back (Mad Men, Life on Mars)
  • Anti-US and conspiracy films do not payback (Stop-Loss, Lions for Lambs, The Kingdom, Body of Lies)
  • Gossip Reality wanes in favor of Competition Reality (Survivor 17 versus DWTS)


  • DRM is Dead...Don't pay for anything
  • Megastars are out, niche is in (Mexican Indie, Indian Punk, Western Mambo, Exotic and Global)
  • iPod is cool, but so is Zune...and both should watchout for phones
  • Everything is wireless
  • Ringtones are over
  • You will get more free stuff with downloads (lyrics, art, photos)
  • Labels are losing as bands go direct to consumers


  • Bold Bright Colors (Purple)
  • Flowers and Garden themes (nature)
  • Art - Brushstrokes
  • Military
  • Americana (stripes, checks)
  • Accessories -- skinny belts, big sunglasses, small handbags
  • Jeans -- Skinny, and 1970's influenced Kick Flares and Wide Legs (Warehouse, Pueblo, Hannah and Berlin are hot brands)

Home Decoration

  • Eco Chic (reusable and bio-friendly building materials and solar panels)
  • Back to Basics (nature themes decoration; crafts; plants)
  • Cosmo Luxury (mixing Asian, Near East, Old West collectibles and art)
  • Technology integration (digital photo albums, 60s and 70s futuristic furniture, steel/wood, straight lines)


  • Luxury hotels and destinations at bargain prices
  • House swapping (exchange for vacation


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