The future agency model

How companies successfully engage with consumers is changing.
Web 2.0, experiential and social marketing are the new Buzzwords
But who is using jargon, and who is not just practicing but leading the new wave?
  • Large traditional agencies have always been a safe choice because of their experience and size, but these strengths keep them from succeeding in an consumer world driven by flexibility and speed.
  • Today’s consumers, especially younger audiences, don’t need or want to be TOLD anything. At a minimum, they want a dialogue, and for the most part, they want control. They want to tell YOU about everything, and they’ll tell everybody else too – they chat, text, blog, share with everyone.
  • Now consumers make the call to action, and they do it without having to use such ugly marketing words as “sale!” or “buy!” or “Offer expires 12/31/08. Offer not good in Michigan, Delaware, and Alaska. See rules for details.”
  • The new generation of consumers is more ambitious, brand conscious, peer-oriented and influential than previous generations.
  • Success is determined by the move from monologue to dialogue. It can be on the web, at the store, over the phone, with your product, anywhere. When you listen to consumers, they will listen to you. When you present them with a situation with which they can identify, which they connect emotionally, feel, embrace and affect, you’re not only giving them something truly interactive, you’re giving them something Tangible.

That is what the new breed of agency must be.


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