Mobile Marketing teaches us all a lesson

The Mobile marketing Association is developing a code of conduct that stresses best consumer practices built upon the followings tenets:

1. Choice: mobile marketing is acceptable only to consumers who opt in (applicable to all interactive marketing in my opinion).
2. Control: consumers who opt in must have an easy way to opt out (I would expand this to say that we must empower consumers to create value for your brand via fun and engaging media as well).
3. Constraint: consumers should be able to set limitations on messages received (yes, we should be allowed to say what is published to us).
4. Customization: analytical segmentation tools will help advertisers optimize message volume, ROI and relevancy to the consumer (see my prior post on the congruence between Companies and Consumers).
5. Consideration: consumers must perceive value in any mobile marketing campaign (I guess this is being considerate, but I would argue that every campaign should increase consideration because it is natural and persuasive).
6. Confidentiality: privacy policies must e aligned between the carrier and the brand (yes, yes and yes).


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