Why I oppose Light Rail through Kirkland in ST3

First, Kirkland is unlike other parts of the transit plan.  It contains 10+ Natural Growth Protection Environments (Wetlands) that will be permanently altered and potentially destroyed by the Sound Transit plan.  I'm shocked by the intellectual hypocrisy of those promoting transit in the name of global warming and the ignorance of or cavalier attitude towards this environmental disaster.  Moreover, this section of the former BNSF rail is narrow with precarious curves.  The amount of construction required to place rail with overhead electric wires, with or without bike and walking paths, will exceed the $1.5 billion dollars -- and remember, the system will move 5,000 people per day (and if you doubt that, ride the train to SEATAC....alone).  Second, whether the citizens of Kirkland successfully oppose having other parts of King County impose something upon them or not, it is the right of the people to be heard.  ST3 may well pass with light rail through Kirkland, but that does not mean it is best for Kirkland.  Calling people names -- wealthy NIMBYs -- is divisive, and the first sign of  tyranny.   The brown shirts in Germany or the early Bolsheviks in Russia also used name-calling to separate out their targeted enemy.  Class warfare is against property rights and freedom of speech.  Those that oppose hate crimes need to stop and recognize what the emotional and intellectual origins of class warfare really are.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, our great nation and each citizen therein, must maintain a steadfast connection between authority and accountability. It is easy to "spend other people's money."  It is easy to benefit from another's loss.  But with rights come obligations -- that is the foundation of contractual law, and the Constitution, both federal and state, is a social contract.  Beginning with the belief that you "know the heart and intent" of another is both folly and dangerous.  Listening and respecting other opinions is the best means to grow personally and to begin to forge a positive, and mutually agreeable outcome.


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