You think you had a tough year!

President Obama's first year:
  1. Promise to close Gitmo in a year, but don’t
  2. People accuse you of not being born in the USA
  3. You give Gordon Brown a box of DVDs in NTSC format
  4. Pass $787 billion stimulus bill and promise unemployment below 10%
  5. Authorize the use of deadly force against Somali Pirates
  6. Air Force One buzzes Manhattan
  7. Administration creates hysteria over Swine Flu
  8. Arizona State won’t give you an Honorary degree at Commencement speech
  9. Administration takes over ownership of General Motors
  10. Cash for Clunkers benefits Toyota most of all
  11. You have a beer with Sgt. Crowley after calling him “stupidly”
  12. Joe Wilson shouts “You Lie”
  13. The “Tea Bag” movement begins and involves 2 million people
  14. You promise Olympics in Chicago and fail
  15. You threaten Fox News and back down
  16. You win the Nobel Peace Prize and no one (including you) thinks you deserve it
  17. Wall Street wins and Main Street loses
  18. You lose Virginia and New Jersey governor’s mansions
  19. You decide to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NYC and then change your mind
  20. You don’t succeed in passing Healthcare
  21. You fall below 50% approval
  22. You lose Ted Kennedy’s Senate Seat
  23. You propose a $3.8b budget with $1.3b in new debt.


Greg Bell said…
What's up brother! Interesting list. My comment is on foreign policy. Honestly, when you review since WWII, all presidents have followed the same basic U.S. foreign policy. President Obama's overtures during the election were naive and laughable; rhetoric just to get elected. Once you get in the oval office and have access to all the secret and not so secret intelligence you become more conservative; even if you're a liberal. Playing politics with national security is wreckless and irresponsible. One interesting note; take a look at the map. The U.S. has basically surrounded the real enemy in the middle east...IRAN. The only possible exceptions are the former Soviet republics; but a quick review of Armenia, Azjerbajan and Turkmenistan reveal slight but obvious overtures toward the west. Plus, none of them want Al Qaida/Taliban type whackos trying to overthrow their respective governments. IMO let's not give in to the extremist murderous terrorists by being the paper tiger that bin laden accuses us of being. We need to be united, tough and patient in our support of both President Bush and Obama's foreign policy. What's the alternative? The spread of repression and totalitarianism in the name of Islam? Not on my watch, I hope. To leave Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere for that matter before stability is resotred would be flushing our foreign policy of the past 65 years down the toliet. Besides, the wars and strength of the enemy are way overblown by the media. Casualties have been low in comparison to other wars and Al Qaida/Taliban are limited to random bombings and skirmishes. The recent surge in Afghnistan has actually been very effective; just as the Iraq surge was in 2007. Let's stop bashing our government and start supporting it; if we do maybe we'll still be the world's strongest country into the 22nd Century.

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