Another Trend -- Nostaglia

What do Glen Campbell, Seal and James Taylor have in common? They have all put out cover albums in the past month. Is it co-incidence? Maybe, but mark my words, as the economy continues to suffer, people are going to be going for nostalgia. We will see it in music, in movies and TV shows. We will see it in fashion. People will want to reflect and reminisce about the past as they struggle in the present.


Brad said…
All great ideas Jeff... I'm for bailing them out too, but with extreme restrictions and also think the "big 3" should define the needs of the people and reduce and retool into the "Big 2"

If these guys we're capable of thinking long-term after the problems of the last 40 years, where the heck did the Hummer come from?...The last thing we needed was another truck!

I don't pretend to understand the complexities of the labor issues, but I love the tax-credit idea for buying American.

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