Consumers make the best content creators

Adweek ran an article that talked about how brands are asking their consumers to create their commericals or webisode story lines. This idea has fascinated me ever since I say 'Meet the Luckys" from Mercury. We tried "Unleash Your Freak" with the Charger launch, and then, but I am increasingly impressed with how far and how fast this is going.

When you look at or or or you are looking at very creative, very democratic, and generally irreverant work. But let's face it...most indie work is going to be either very sad or very sarcastic. You will find the anger and angst coming forth with either macabre tales of suicide and deperations or satires where you get to laugh as everyone one tries to "stick it to the man."

I see that James Cameron is even in the game. He wants people to play multiplayer adventure games and then capture their outcomes and make them into movies. This is not as crazy as it seems. In the virtual worlds of SECOND LIFE, you can find far ranging and dynamic relationships that put the Sims to shame. That's because each person is just that...a real person on the other end, living out some type of fantasy, but either being accepted or rejected based upon their social interactions. So whether it is a free-form Halo like game that Cameron makes into the next Terminator, or a relationships virtual world that motivates Woody Allen to make the next romantic comedy, the power if moving to the people!


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